What To Know Before You Visit A Calgary Flooring Store

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Whether you’re renovating your existing space or buying and decorating a brand new home, a visit to a Calgary flooring store to pick out your perfect floor is almost inevitable.

Before you get in the car to visit the numerous flooring shops in Calgary, you may want to review this list of tips that could save you time, money, and expensive mistakes.

At a glance, choosing the right flooring for you seems like perhaps the simplest part of your project. But like all elements of your home improvement project, buying new flooring is an investment, and like any investment, you want to make sure that it’s being handled right. 

When it comes to choosing the Calgary flooring store to spend your valuable time,  it would pay to consider the following questions in choosing the right one:

How to choose a reputable flooring company in Calgary:

While it may be tempting to head straight for the outlet, superstore or discount shops when shopping for your flooring in Calgary, nothing is as expensive as a job done twice. 

Buying well-made materials and hiring experienced and well-reviewed professionals for the job could save you a lot of money and headache later on.

One of the ways to tell if you’re likely to have a good experience at any of the Calgary flooring stores you’re planning on visiting is to quickly review their online presence. 


      1. Look for experience:

    A flooring company that has been around for years is a good sign. This means they have built up a good reputation among their customers and they also have had enough time to foster relationships with flooring manufacturers and suppliers. Bonus points if they provide residential commercial services as well, as this indicates a depth of capability and levels of expertise.


        1. Check their reviews:

      Rather than trusting with the company has to say for itself, it’s a great idea to check the reviews from their customers. You should be able to find reviews easily and they should sound like they come from real people. 


          1. Look for quality over price:

        You may not need the services of the most high end boutique flooring stores, but you’d do well to avoid flooring stores that emphasize their rock bottom prices. Aim for a flooring store that is somewhere in the middle and offers a good balance of quality and value. Besides being bad for the environment and a waste of time, replacing your flooring due to shoddy workmanship or poor quality products is expensive and irritating. 


            1. Do they offer a wide variety of flooring brands

          You want to be sure to stop by the flooring companies that have ample access to a wide variety of flooring that suits your needs. Some companies have limited inventory and only sell certain brands, which needlessly restricts their customers’ choices.

          Going with a flooring company that has access to a variety of flooring solutions will help you identify the best-fit product for your flooring project.


              1. What is their team like? 

            It’s best to visit flooring companies that have the capacity to complete your project efficiently. Going with a company that has professional installers, installation coordinators, and field supervisors is a good way to help make sure that your flooring project meets your deadline, avoiding additional costs from going over your expected timeframe. 

            Especially with the recent supply chain issues and labour shortages, you don’t want to leave your home flooring installation project in the hands of underqualified and inexperienced workers from some of the discount warehouses. 


                1. Do they offer design consultations?

              Finding the right flooring solution can be a challenge for non-experts. Working with a flooring company with its own design team can help you figure out the best type of flooring that would suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Working with our team of design experts can help you achieve the balance between form and function, while providing an incredible level of product expertise. 


                  1. What warranties do they offer?  

                Providing customers with an installation warranty is a mark of excellent customer service. It shows the company’s care and commitment to making sure their customers’ needs are met. At Hawthorn Interiors, for instance, our managerial and senior staff are on hand to resolve any potential dissatisfaction. This installation warranty is in addition to the product warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. 


                    1. Do they have a well-staffed flooring showroom?

                  Sitting down with design expert in a flooring showroom can save you a lot of time and money. This is a far different experience than wandering huge hallways of flooring. Booking a design consultation can make the flooring purchase and installation process a lot faster and can help you feel like you’ve made the best choice for your home design project.


                      1. Do they offer flooring and installation?

                    Coordinating the installation of your new flooring project can be a time consuming and complicated process. Not to mention arranging for the removal of old flooring materials! Look for a flooring company in Calgary that can provide you with a one-stop-shop, full service solution.


                        1. Can you see pictures of their work?

                      Many flooring companies can only provide pictures of the product from a catalogue. When you’re investing in new flooring in your home, you want to be assured the final product will look as great as you’d envisioned. Spend your time with companies that have a proven track record of delivering stunning results.
                      Contact our team to request a quote or book a design consultation.

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